Sunday, April 4, 2010


March 20th was declared as "World House Sparrow Day". It was then that I realized I haven't seen a house sparrow for a long long time. Are we going to witness the extinction of yet another creation of The Almighty?

I don't intend to write anything on how the plight of the sparrows have changed over the years. But i would definitely wish people to ponder about this issue. Its true that "Survival of the fittest" is how the nature works. But don't we have any obligations to our fellow creatures? Do we have the right to sabotage their habitat?

As most of my childhood was in the rural backdrop, every morning i used to hear chirrups of the sparrows; soothing at times and sometimes annoying. The fence around my house had lot of creepers growing on them and they used to hop from one twig to another.

I still remember the day when I held a sparrow for the fist time. One of the sparrows got itself tangled in the creeper and there were distress calls all around. I then got it out of that. I caressed it for some time and then let it go. My childhood instincts wanted to keep that bird for myself. But mom said it wouldn't survive and finally i had to give in.

They used to quench their thirst from the water dripping from the garden pipe. And take bath in the puddles of muddy water formed by the rains. By twilight they used to flock on the bars of the TV antenna as if they are gossiping. And later they vanish and I used to wonder where they sleep at night. By morning they are back garrulously chirping and hopping from one twig to another.

As I look at the endless concrete jungle from my balcony I helplessly wonder what is it that I could do for these little birds?

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