Sunday, August 22, 2010

I hate u!!!

You don't care about me!!!
Look, what have you done to me?

I warned you a million times. Didn't I?
I knew this day wasn't far.

Now you tell me what are you gonna do?
Oh! yeah you have your God damn excuses.

My mirror reflection screamed at me,


Oh man! I have put on a lot of weight.
Where are my track pants?
Where are my shoes?

Isn't it raining? Ah it is!
See I earnestly wish to shed my weight, but its raining... :-P

Saturday, August 21, 2010

We talk too much

The following quote is from one of the James Hadley Chase thriller that I was reading last week.

We talk too much instead of just enjoying ourselves as everyone else does. We talk, analyse and worry. Life's too hollow to stand up to that kind of treatment. We've just got to accept it, otherwise we'll never get anywhere

Its quite true but not always. There is no point in worrying about every trivial issue that comes our way. Its sometimes good to accept them and move on. There is lot more to enjoy in life.

Some times when we get on from one problem to another, apparently weren't left with any other choice but to talk, analyse and worry. Though I slightly disagree with the last part. I would rather prefer, talk analyse and rework. It's easily said, but quite a big thing to implement.

To judge which problem is worth worrying and which not is pretty tough. Hope I would learn that soon. :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

My oldest pal

I was packing all my stuff and I ended up with a cartonful of books. It was an assortment of fiction, classics, jokes and technical books. Some were read many times and some with not even half the pages read.

I wasn't fond of reading books until my eighth or ninth grade. Then I met my oldest pal, The Public Library, Kollam. It was after my twelfth that I got membership at the local public library.

"A big old building at the centre of the town, guarded by the shades of the big trees. I always wondered what an awful place for a library, as it was right next to the railway station. It had a huge collection of books. The reading room used to be sparsely occupied. The ground floor had all the novels and classics. It was always deserted. Many of the racks untouched for years and with dust settled on all the books.
First and Second floor had magazines and technical books. Students aspiring for competitive exams would go up there to refer the latest magazines and current affair books.
Then there was this lobby with all newspapers. Some people throng this place at afternoon, there is no better place than a library to a take a little nap."

It has been a long time since I visited the public library, my oldest pal.