Friday, May 29, 2009

Blacky and Me

Though the title resembles the movie name, "Marley and Me" it has nothing to do with it. Hmm.., yep in a way it has something to do with this blog. This movie gave me the inspiration to scribble down a few words about my pet dog Blacky.

If Marley was the worst dog in the world, my Blacky is the best one for me. Blacky, a cross of German Shepherd and an indigenous breed. It was the end of 2001 summer and my Aunt informed us that their neighbours are having puppies. There were around five puppies, of them there was this small black one. The owner told me that she is the sluggish of all. Somehow my intuition said to take her. She was the eldest of all, a big time sluggard. Pitch black colour, with a little white patch at the end of the tail. She was an instant hit at home. In no time she became the best friend of the kids in the neighborhood. People of all ages became a fan of Blacky. Every passerby would halt in front of our gate to get a glimpse of her. And in no time "Blacky" became a household name.

She had all the good traits one can boast about. She would never accept any food from stranger. She isn't a wanderlust as one would think of dogs. I wonder how she had coped up the cruel reality that her world had shrunk to the four walls of my house compound. Was she really sluggish? Hmm... a yes and a no! Yes, when it comes to eating, wouldn't even bother to get up to eat. When she was less than a year old, she would gorge so much of food and would lie down on her stomach. She used to sleep so deeply that even if we lift her she wont wake up. But when she is in the mood of playing she would be very agile and nimble.

In this busy world, where one gets lost in the cob webs of life trying to strike a balance between work life and personal life it is so very soothing to have a dog like Blacky. Once I reach home, i forget all that had happened whole day. The guileless gestures, the friendly growls inviting us to play with her would soften any heart and one would end up playing with her. It so relieving to see someone get so very excited when you reach home, wagging tail as if it would never stop, jumping and licking all over you.

This is my blacky...... One of the best gifts god has given me...