Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gone Silent

I was the apple of his eye. Dawn to dusk I accompanied him, no matter where he went. I always reminded him his appointments. Contacts of his friends and acquaintances were always at my finger tips. Sometimes he would ask me to hush up and be quite. Sometimes he would ask me to sing. I did all that he asked me to do; with diligence and obedience. Yet...

Ever since we moved to this new place, he has changed. He is no longer the one I knew. I keep asking myself do I know this guy. He has changed a great deal. He hardly looks at me for days. And sometimes would yell at me, "Damn phone! gets discharged in less than a day" and plugs the charger.

Poor me, what wrong did I do to him. If he ain't got any friends here, it isn't my fault. I lie on the bed or the table with no one to care, with no one to call. I'm GONE SILENT.