Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Summer Rain

Sun shows its fury forming mirages all around. The terrain gets parched and dusty. Suddenly the azure sky turns dark and heavy downpour follows. The redolence of parched earth absorbing water fills the air. Every drop of water that falls on the concrete walls gets evaporated. Birds perch on to every available shade trying to evade the huge rain drops. Petals of the drooping flowers on getting moistened pop up. Rain water from the roof tops converge to form small streams and meander through the space available between the plants in the garden.

However all this doesn’t last long. The blue sky comes back, as if the sun has chased away the dark clouds. The streams that were once flowing ferociously die out. Birds come out the shades chirruping merrily. By now the rain has washed away all the dust on the leaves. Everything around us looks green giving a mystic pleasure to our eyes. Crystalline rain drops drip from the leaf tips and flower petals. The droplets on the tip of the grass shine like diamonds spread on a green velvet. A beautiful rainbow appears across the blue sky amidst the white clouds.

In a day’s time everything slips back to the original state. Dust accumulates on the leaves, land becomes parched. Flowers droop under the scorching sun. Chirruping of the birds sound like a melancholy strain.

Some people are like this short burst of summer rain. They come into our lives out of nowhere; and make our life merrier and joyful. And then just disappear into nowhere leaving back some memories.

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