Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ihr Lächeln

I saw your jovial smile from a distance. You were at the parking lot, clad in white and I could see the radiant smile through your helmet. It made me feel that nothing would ever make you more happier than my presence.

I saw your shy smile under the flickering candle as you pushed the locks of hair behind your ear. Nothing ever looked as beautiful as your smile. It made me feel that I couldn't have got any one better than you.

I saw your tired smile at the mall as you came up the escalator after a day long slogging at office. You tried to give the best of your smiles, but you were tired and devoid of energy. It made me feel that for you there isn't anything more important than me.

I saw your sore smile at the park as you tried to drive away the tears. I could see your eyes getting moistened, I could see the pain deep within. It made me feel there couldn't be anything worse than this.

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